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As we age, it becomes necessary to look to the future and think about how we can help our families maneuver through end-of-life decisions. Planning for the future requires grappling with complex legal requirements and making clear your decisions and wishes. Taking time to plan now, while you are healthy and able to do so, will ensure that the process is easier for you and your family.

Gummer Elder Law is here to help Fairless Hills, PA, residents and their families, undertake these difficult and complex issues. Depending on your particular circumstances, there are many different legal options to consider.

Wills - Fairless Hills, PA

You’ve worked your whole life to provide for your loved ones. Make sure that your family’s future is taken car. A will controls the disbursement of your assets after death. A will is crucial to ensuring your wishes are carried out. More information about wills.

Living Wills - Fairless Hills, PA

Modern medicine has brought many life-extending medical treatments. However, this extension of life can include the extension of suffering. Make sure your wishes around this matter are known. A living will is a legal document with which you direct your physician about your wishes if you are in an end-stage medical condition or a state of permanent unconsciousness. Learn more about living wills.

Powers of Attorney - Fairless Hills, PA

If you become disabled to the point of being incapacitated without a designated power of attorney, the courts will be needed to appoint a guardian. A durable power of attorney allows you to designate the individual who will manage your financial and medical affairs if you become disabled or incapacitated. Learn more about powers of attorney.

Trusts - Fairless Hills, PA

Depending on your needs, we can assist with many different types of trusts. Some can be used to provide tax savings while others are used to protect the assets of the beneficiary. Learn more about trusts.

Medicaid (Asset Protection) Planning - Fairless Hills, PA

Nursing home expenses are a huge concern for families. Most health insurance plans and Medicare provide only a limited amount of coverage for nursing home patients. Without long-term care insurance, the only option is often to pay for the nursing home yourself until your assets are depleted and you are able to apply for Medicaid. This can be an arduous process. But Gummer Elder Law can help. Learn more about Medicaid Planning.

Guardianships - Fairless Hills, PA

If you become disabled or incapacitated without a power of attorney in place, then a guardian must be appointed by the court to care for you and manage your financial affairs. Upon appointment of a guardian, you lose certain legal rights to act on your own behalf, and the guardian will be empowered to act for you. It is possible to avoid this process with proper planning. If you have a loved one who is no longer able to manage important matters, we can help you through the guardianship process. Learn more about guardianship.

Probate and Estate Administration - Fairless Hills, PA

Probate is the process proving the validity of the decedents will. Estate administration is the managing of an estate. Gummer Elder Law can assist with both of these processes. Here's more about probate and estate administration.

Our Attorneys - Fairless Hills, PA

Gummer Elder Law’s dedicated attorneys are devoted to helping residents of Fairless Hills, PA and their families plan for the future. We can help navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Our attorneys can assist in the creation of wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and trusts. We can also help with guardianship, Medicare (asset protection) planning, probate, estate administration, and nursing home and long term care matters.

Convenient Locations - Fairless Hills, PA

Our legal offices in Doylestown are convenient to Fairless Hills, PAand are handicap accessible. Contact us today to set up an appointment.