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Wills & Estate Planning Attorney in Bucks County PAYou have worked all your life to provide for your family, and to put that little "nest egg" away for retirement.  Unfortunately, while we do not like to think about dying, death is inevitable.  Therefore, a question frequently asked is, "What can I do now to ensure my family is taken care of when I die?"  The answer is – prepare your will.

A will is a written legal document which permits you to control the disposition of your assets after death.  If you own a home, automobile, possessions with financial or sentimental value, or keep a bank account, you have an estate that will be left behind upon your death.  A will lets you decide who will receive your assets upon your death.

If you die without a will, the court will distribute your assets according to Pennsylvania law, which may be contrary to your wishes.  For example, if you are single and die leaving three children, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dictates that your assets shall pass to your children equally.  However, you may not want your assets to pass equally to your children, but instead may want one child to receive more assets than the other two children, since he or she has fallen on hard times.  Without a will, you cannot ensure that the child who needs your help gets most of your assets upon your death.

You can appoint your executor in your will.  The executor is the person who is responsible for administering your estate after your death and ensures that your assets are distributed according to your will.  If you do not have a will, the court will appoint one of your heirs to administer your estate.  The appointed administrator may not be the person you would have chosen.

While death is inevitable, the transfer of your assets upon your death to your heirs does not have to be a nightmare.  A will permits this process to proceed smoothly without adding stress on your loved ones when they are dealing with your loss. Contact the estate planning attorneys at Gummer Elder Law to speak with them regarding trusts, wills and more in Montgomery & Bucks County PA.