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If you or a loved one becomes disabled or incapacitated and there is no power of attorney in place, then a guardian must be appointed by the court to care for you and manage your financial affairs.  Upon appointment of a guardian, you lose certain legal rights to act on your own behalf, and the guardian will be empowered to act for you.

The guardian of the person will be responsible for making your decisions regarding housing, education and training, medical decisions, and decisions regarding your security.  The guardian of the estate will be responsible for managing your personal financial resources, making prudent investment decisions, paying all of your expenses in a timely manner, and ensuring that you do not become the victim of designing persons.  The same individual can serve as guardian of the person and as guardian of the estate.

It's possible to avoid the guardianship process in Montgomery & Bucks County PA if you plan now.  We'll guide you and your family through the steps Pennsylvania law requires so a guardianship won't be necessary.

If you currently have a family member who is no longer able to manage financial and other important matters on his or her own, and that person has not prepared a power of attorney, we can assist you through the guardianship process.