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Housing Choices for The Elderly: Planning for the Future

Smiling senior gardening outside.In the past, most of the elderly population has received long term care in their homes. The surroundings were familiar and comfortable, and they received support from family members and friends. Improvements to the home such as ramps, chair seats, and downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms could be made to better accommodate them. Today, in our mobile society, with children moving away and the elderly living longer, other care options are increasing in popularity. This article will explore some of the other choices available to the elderly.

Option One: Independent Living

If you are in relatively good health, and do not suffer from any dementia-type disabilities, an independent living community may be a viable choice. Independent living is similar to maintaining an apartment or owning a condominium. The community provides security for its residents, as well as meals, social activities, and sports programs. Usually, independent living communities do not provide supervised medical care, but they may have a nurse on duty. Residents must pay all fees privately since independent living communities do not accept insurance or government reimbursement. Unless the resident has acquired an equity interest in their unit, they are usually required to leave the community when their financial resources have been depleted. Continue Reading Housing Choices for The Elderly: Planning for the Future