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How to Find a Qualified Elder Law Attorney

How to Find a Qualified Elder Law Attorney

No matter the reason, hiring an attorney usually means you’re dealing with a stressful situation.

Maybe it’s an emergency: You’ve been charged with a crime, or you and the company you own has been sued for wrongdoing.

Or maybe you’re planning for the future, creating a will, setting up a power of attorney, which can be a different type of stressful: it’s forcing you to contend with literal matters of life and death.

It’s in situations like these that you’d be best served by seeking out the services of a Doylestown, PA elder law attorney.

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What is an Elder Law Attorney?

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What is an elder law attorney?

The dictionary definition of an “elder law attorney” is simple: an advocate for older people, and their loved ones.

But talk to Garrett Gummer, a longtime Bucks County elder law expert, and you’ll get a much more nuanced answer. It’s a role that covers everything from estate planning to will preparation to powers of attorney and healthcare powers of attorney to setting up trusts.

“If your parent or grandparent has to go into a nursing home, we help protect their nest egg,” he says. “There are ways to do that if you properly plan for it.

“If a loved one dies, we help you administer their estate if you’re appointed as the executor. Or if they haven’t done a proper power of attorney, sometimes it’s necessary for us to petition the court to have you or another family member appointed guardian.”

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